Lavish Dine — Catering Redefined

Since 1998, LAVISH has been synonymous with premium fares and excellent service, offering luxury catering to prestigious events. We have attended to some of the most esteemed guests in town, including royalties, foreign dignitaries, delegates, and international celebrities.

Be it M.I.C.E events, corporate and private banquets, product launches, corporate dinner and dance, or parties, we have ushered in bespoke menus and uniquely designed themes for both in-house and off-premise occasions.
Today, LAVISH continues to provide the best catering service. We also deliver a wide range of innovative menus to workplaces and homes.

Motivated by a strong desire to bring quality food and unparalleled dining experience to a new dimension, we seek to delight even the most discriminating gastronomists. Passion, Integrity, Sincerity, Creativity, and Customer-Centricity, define who we are and what we stand for.

LAVISH, always your trusted caterer brand!


We envision becoming an inspiring catering company in the F&B arena and beyond.


We create exceptional and innovative dining experiences that are manifested through high-quality cuisines, impeccable service, and flawless execution.


We are firmly rooted in the following values that define us.
Passion Fervently and tenaciously passionate about what we do, we are constantly inspired to achieve excellence in all our endeavours. requirements.

We will always deal with all who cross our path because we believe that integrity is the key to our success.

Sincerity We provide honest, good food, produced with fresh ingredients and authentic flavours. We are sincere in our efforts, and unassuming in our achievements while striving to attain the best for our clients.
We are the trendsetter of the industry and seek to remain at the forefront of food innovation. We foster true creativity in every piece of our work, which embodies our thoughts, emotions, and passion.

Our success is centered on our clients’ satisfaction. Entrenched in our team is a genuine interest in serving them. We listen so that we can deliver our promises in accordance with our client’s requirements.

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